Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Dark To Light

This photo collection was inspired by victory. As Christians, we already have victory over darkness through Jesus Christ. The journey of life is unpredictable and can often bring about unexpected change, whether that be negative or positive. In times like those, what do we have control over? Our choices. I chose to seek out "Dark To Light" as my theme for a photo essay because I wanted to actively partake in doing so. The goodness and freedom that attribute to the concept of light are what I desire for others to see and hope in. Photos By: Elise Schubring

Inside: By Paul Weiandt

My photo essay is a dissection of what a person goes through in their day to day lives. It begins with basic conflict we know what we should do but we do not always want to. The middle photos demonstrate internal the conflict we face in certain situations. The last illustrates that this is a normal person and this is his life.

second lives.

In the day and age we live in if we have an uneeded item we tend to throw it away. Well, those items have to go somewhere and that somewhere is usually the landfills. Landfills have a capacity and if we continue this habit our beautiful world will soon be covered in trash. As children of God we can protect our earth by reusing anything we can. There are many benifits to reusing and many ways you can do it. The following photos portray was of reusing.
picture place setting. 1/60, f4.5, 200.
hymns of art. 1/60, f4.5, 800.
paint box. 1/60, f5, 800.
milk jar change. 1/100, f/4, 100.
blank tire canvas. 1/100, f4.5, 100.
watering the plants. 1/60, f5, 100.
swingset dryer. 1/1250, f5, 400.

Stages of Grief

I decided to illustrate the stages of grief. This is the story of someone learning that her significant other has died and her steps as she progresses through grief. It begins with how she was before, denial of the death, anger at him for leaving her alone, bargaining with God, depression from being alone, acceptance of his death, and then freedom from the grief process.

The Creation Story

Genesis 1:1-2:3 1 Day 1: Created the heaven and the Earth, day and night Day 2: Divided heaven from Earth Day 3: Created the land, sea and vegetation Day 4: Created the sun, moon and stars Day 5: Created creatures, great and small Day 6: Created mankind Day 7: Sanctified the seventh day as the sabbath, the day of rest. We forget that God's creation is all around us. This Project is abstract and symbolic in representing the creation story. Photo By: Daniel A. Kavnaugh

Incarnate (aka...pop up books!)

I decided to focus my pictures around something other than people or nature. I wanted a subject that would challenge me to adjust the few elements that were under my control to make interesting images. I tried to create shadows and moods with light to make the pictures pop out and almost come to life. I feel like this in general was a bit limiting, but it forced me to be creative. Enjoy! by Bryce Thompson

Death and all his friends

Death is not the opposite of life, but a part of it. We need to remember death as to not forget what it means to be truly be alive. The moment we take life for granted we have already died.